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RISM Arbeitsgruppe Salzburg

RISM Arbeitsgruppe Salzburg

Cataloguing Holdings

In November of 2007 a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) was started at the Archiv der Erzdiözese under its then head Univ. Doz. Dr. Ernst Hintermaier: “The Musical Repertory of the Salzburg Cathedral” (P 20309-G13) aimed at cataloging the musical sources between 1670 and 1841 for the RISM-database and, thus, make them accessible to the musicological community. Two researchers, MMag. Dr. Eva Neumayr und Mag. Dr. Lars E. Laubhold, have been working on recording musical sources with the help of “KALLISTO” and placing the entries at the disposal of the International Inventory of Musical Sources (RISM). They are, by now, accessible in www.rism.opac for everyone interested. Nevertheless, a printed cataloge of the Salzburg holdings will be published as well. Results concerning local, national and international music history (e.g. Mozart- research) as well as new insights into liturgical processes are to be expected. With the help of funds from a second project “Music at the Salzburg Metropolitan Cathedral as reflected by the sources” (P 23195-G20), granted by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) in November 2010, and after 1800 signatures in almost 2700 data-records had been entered into the RISM-database, the cataloging was brought to a close for the present. For the future, including the holdings of the “Dommusikverein und Mozarteum” (1841-1880) into the RISM-database has been planned.


Musikhandschriften in Chorbuchnotierung (Katalogisierung 1992 abgeschlossen)
Geistliche Musik der Salzburger fürsterzbischöflichen bzw. kurfürstlichen Hofmusikkapelle von Ende des 17. Jahrhunderts bis zur Auflösung des Hofstaates im Jahre 1806/1807
Geistliche Musik der Dommusik von 1807 bis 1841
Geistliche und weltliche Musik des „Dommusikverein und Mozarteum“ von 1841 bis 1880
Geistliche und weltliche Musik des Dommusikvereins und der Dommusik (einschließlich der Nachlässe von Domkapellmeistern) von 1880 bis zur Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts
Historische Musikalienbestände einzelner Pfarren und Kollegiatstifte der Erzdiözese Salzburg, die im Archiv der Erzdiözese verwahrt werden.