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Sacred Music to 1841

Another musical repertory, which is much humbler ‑ in number as well as in quality ‑ than the above mentioned part of the collection, came into existence between 1807 and 1841. It documents the cultivation of music between the secularization of the archbishopric and the foundation of the "Dommusikverein und Mozarteum". The perception of a cultural decline due to political circumstances has led musicologists to neglect this repertory. These materials, however, contain early sources of works of Michael and Joseph Haydn, Franz Xaver Gruber, W. A. Mozart and of many unknown Salzburg composers of the early 19th century, which illuminate not only the cultivation of music of this time but also the reception of earlier master’s music. Therefore, they document the transition from a music culture shaped mainly by the archbishop’s court to one carried by the middle-class citizens of Salzburg.