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Description of Collections

The RISM Salzburg Working Group's  main aim is the cataloging and researching of historic musical holdings - currently only the large collection of the Salzburg Dommusikarchiv - for the International Inventory of Musical Sources (RISM).


The Data-base of Watermarks

The documentation of watermarks is an important means to establish reliable data on the provinence of musical manuscripts ... continue



The Catalogue of Salzburg Copyists

The identification and documentation of Salzburg Copyists is one of the most important sub-projects of cataloguing ... continue



"Not a chance for Mozart"

Luigi Gatti (1740-1817), a composer much revered by his contemporaries, spent the first half of his life in Mantua. On the peak of his career in Italy he was hired to become court-chapel-master in Salzburg by Prince-Archbishop Hieronymus Colloredo, which office he held from 1782 on to his death in 1817 ... continue



The Catalogus Musicalis in Ecclesia Metropolitana

Several historic catalogs of musical manuscripts of the Salzburg cathedral have survived. They give fascinating insights into the history of the collection ... continue.